Digital CNT X-ray Tube

  • A digital CNT X-ray Tube is made with CNT field-electron emitters instead of the filament-thermionic electrons in conventional X-ray sources, opening the new era X-ray technology.
  • Next-generation digital CNT X-ray Tubes are generating X-rays with a fully digital driving that can modulate X-ray dose very fast (less response time than several microseconds) and accurately (with no stray X-rays in time domain).
  • High-resolution X-ray medical imaging and industrial inspection are possible with digital CNT X-ray Tubes.
  • Digital CNT X-ray Tubes could also improve Fluoroscopic medical imaging with a very short X-ray pulse, greatly reducing radiation damages in medical diagnosis and operation.
  • Digital CNT X-ray Tubes with a stationary anode are available right now. The detailed specification will be provided through the contact point below.

Item Digital CNT X-ray Tube
Tube Voltage 70kV (Medical / Dental) 90kV (Medical / Industrial)
Tube current 3mA 1mA
Anode Angle 12.5
Focal Spot 0.4mm
Exposure Time 0.01~0.5s 0.01~0.1s
Operation Time 100K(shot)
Life Time 15,000h / 2year
Size 54.5 x 15(mm)
Weight 40g