X-ray Detector

System Semiconductor Packaging

  • This product is X-ray detector device for dental diagnosis and examination based on large size system semiconductor packaging technology.
  • CMOS sensor which is essential component of detector is made uponSi wafer and attached with other substrates by soft epoxy use.
  • Wire bonding as low temperature bonding process links imaging chip between PCB substrate for electronic signal connection.
  • More than that, CSI attach uses clear bonding process(No bubbles) and it can make quite clean and clear imaging and can contribute to image quality improvement.
  • Lastly, multi-array structure of large size sensors is possible to manufacture.

Item X-ray Detector
Model Panorama Cephalo
Size 275 X 45 170 X 45
CMOS(Wafer) Si 0.75mmt
Die Attach Soft Epoxy
Base Substrate Al6061
Wire Bonding Gold Wire(Low Temp)
CsI Bonding Clear Bonding (No Bubble)
Use Extra-Oral